Trade Missions


Tulshi Sen’s Program Awakens the Spirit of the Youth and Entrepreneurs


“Tulshi Sen came into our community and truly fast tracked the Blood Nation Youths and entrepreneurs into Global Trade. He stretched our youths and entrepreneurs mind from the reserves to the great trading halls of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. His program works.”


Chief Chris Shade, Blood Nation, Alberta


Aboriginal Social Entrepreneurship


Economic Development for Today’s World

Aboriginal Leaders And Youth Business Familiarization Mission For Community Economic Development


Opening Doors for the Youth and the Nation to the New Opportunities of Today


Helping to Build the New Economic Vision for the Community for Today’s World


This Mission will give the Leadership the opportunities to observe the New Economy first Hand. It will stimulate their entrepreneurial juices to build a vision for their communities in harmony with the current Social and Economic conditions of the world.


It is a fact that in today’s world, distance is dead and geographical isolation is no longer an obstacle to embrace the global opportunities. This Mission will provide the Leadership with direct insight into the Global Economy and how it operates in individual lives and Communities throughout the world.


It is a fact that in today’s world the individual and groups are not limited by their pocket book as much as they are limited by their imagination and their insight. This Mission will stimulate the Imagination of the Leadership.


We live in a world where anything that is imagined probably already exists or can be made.


We know today’s world belongs to the visionary more than to the logician. This Mission in Asia will be an ideal place for the Leadership, to think out of the box and create a new outlook to add to their  vision for economic growth for the Nation and the Youth of the Nations.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge”
Albert Einstein


Building a Career and Business in Today’s Seamless Global Economy

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Tulshi Sen with Leonard Linklater (far left) Economic Development Director and Jeff Hunter (far right) Human Resource Director of Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation at the Hong Kong Jockey Club


Opening Doors for the Nations and their Youth to the New Opportunities of Today’s World



A Mission to build a vision of Personal and Economic Development right in Hong Kong, the meeting place of all cultures of the World for Business


To see the possibilities; to help chart a new course for social and economic development of the Youth and the Nation


… “We are a rich country. We have choices. We can choose to provide Aboriginal children and youth with a much better chance in life… But it is way too late for small, timid steps.


We need big, bold, innovative, forward thinking….that is built by, for and with Aboriginal peoples.”

John Rook, Chairperson, National Council on Welfare Reports Fall 2007 Vol. 127


The Purpose of the Mission



  1. To explore the possibilities how the First Nations can export Aboriginal Products and trade with the world with Aboriginal renewable resources
  2. The Leadership will have the first hand experience and develop a new insight in order to build a vision for the new economy for their Nation
  3. Get first hand insight and information to build a vision of social and economic development programs for today’s world
  4. Explore the possibilities of how they can open up global employment opportunities beyond the Band Office, the community and Canada
  5. Partner with businesses in Asia and around the world
  6. How to launch global Careers without leaving the community
  7. Outsourcing knowledge and business and how it works for Education, Personal Development and Economic Development
  8. Explore opportunities to develop economies, people, and businesses in an automated, outsourced and upside down world
  9. To know the global economic community to do business with them
  10. Cross Cultural Orientation. The art of dealing with the world’s business community and communication skills for today’s world.
  11. Onsite study of successful business models. Business model based on Collective and the individual  to build a vision for businesses in the Nation


Agenda of Onsite Seminars


  • Identify markets for products and services and product development for export
  • How to Open doors and build partners for future trade and development
  • An in-depth view of International Trade and how to implement International Trade from within the First Nation
  • Cross Cultural Orientation for Hong Kong and China
  • How to communicate and do business with the Global Economy in today’s world
  • How to spot business opportunities in the Trade Shows for the Nation and the individual
  • Assessing the level of life skills requirements within the Nation for  Economic and Personal Development
  • Understanding Chinese Culture to trade
  • Opening the tourism eye and developing strategy to promote tourism in Asia
  • Developing strategy to promote and export indigenous arts and crafts
  • Exploring joint venture and investment opportunities
  • Trade fair participation for business development for the Nation


Attending International Trade Fairs:


At the trade shows of this international magnitude the participants see both the products and the movement of the products from the source to the consumer (marketing cycle). Theory will become applied knowledge during the Trade Mission and will demystify international trade in today’s world.


Years of training in school cannot accomplish or replace what the participants will learn attending these International Trade Fairs.


Topics for discussion in onsite Seminars:


  • Product selection for Export and Re-Export.
  • Onsite Negotiations for Export and Import.
  • Negotiating free flow of products from source to consumer.
  • Practical applied knowledge of international transactions and domestic transactions.
  • Trans border delivery.
  • Practical Cross Cultural Training
  • Leadership Culture of Asia and Europe


Personal Development, Leadership Skills of How The World does Business Today by Participating in one of the biggest Trade Fairs of the world:


1.   Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2010. (50,000 Importers and Buyers from around the world expected to visit)
Presented by Hong Kong Trade Development Council.


To experience global trade where the world converges. Participation in the dynamic Hong Kong Electronics Fair which showcases the latest technology products available in the market – many cutting edge products just out of the design stage and being unveiled to the public for the first time.


Participants at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2010 (Spring Edition) will see thousands of electrical and electronic products.  In 2009, there were 2,852 exhibitors from 25 countries & regions and a total of 55,958 buyers came from 133 countries & regions to source new products at the Spring Edition in 2009.


Special Areas of Interest are:


Solar Energy Products

Audio Visual shows the most up-to-date entertainment products, including Hi-Fi, televisions, DVD players and home entertainment centers.



  • Electronic Accessories is the zone for all the electronic gadgetry which is hot right now.
  • Electronic Parts, Components & Production Technology gathers the essential products, technologies and services for manufacturing.
  • Healthcare Electronics showcases electronic scales, air purifiers, pedometers and other personal healthcare items.
  • Home Appliances is a comprehensive zone with all the latest designs and styles for the modern home.
  • Personal Electronics delivers a host of new products for personal beauty care.
  • Security Products offers a good selection of solutions for personal, home and commercial security.
  • Telecommunications Products focuses on mobile phones, video phones and all the other essential communications devices.


2.   ElectronicAsia – A World of Electronic Components & Technologies Asia’s Leading Global Sourcing Event

ElectronicAsia is unreservedly Asia’s leading trade show for electronic components, assemblies, production and display technologies.

World of Solar

Making its debut in 2009, the World of Solar is a new conference and showcase for all that’s fuelling the world with new energy resources. This is the timely window for manufacturers and suppliers to showcase to a rapidly growing worldwide market.
World of Display Technology

Keep your eyes on the latest technology research, technical improvements and emergence of innovations in display technologies.


The 2009 Expo attracted 570 product and service providers exhibiting a broad range of information & communication solutions. They came from 20 countries & regions, from as far a field as Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States, etc.




Explore, Discover… Build a Vision…. and Partner with the World


Bill Gates talking about the Youth of today

Although the world has changed dramatically during the last 30 years, I believe we are only at the very beginning of what is possible. If we do our jobs as adults, and equip young people with the knowledge and skills they need to turn their great ideas into breakthrough innovations, I believe they will find solutions for many of the difficult problems our world faces today. Their future – and ours – depends on it.”


Bill Gates, Speech to Waterloo University Students, Feb. 25, 2008




Global Careers and Remote Employment


Today an individual can get employment in any major city and they do not have to commute or live in any particular location.


To know how to take advantage of the opportunities will require insight into the world economy and how it functions today. This wisdom cannot be acquired from books. It must be experienced.


Job opportunities need not only be produced in the Nation. They can live in the Nation and work anywhere in the world and earn more than they ever imagined.


The participants can formulate ideas while in the Mission to facilitate training and development in the Nation for enabling members of the Nation to seek remote employment. They will not commute they will telecommute.


Global Trading House


The leadership and the participants will also get a first hand experience as to how global trading houses work in Asia. The participants will experience how to engage global trading houses to work for their Nations to support their own economic initiatives.


The First Nations have resources such as water, minerals, agriculture and lumber, etc., the world needs these scarce resources and these can be distributed to the Asian Nations from China through the trading houses.



Youth Programs



Creating a Vision for Youth programs


To unleash the creativity of the youth will be the first priority of discussion, observation and planning in the Mission.


The Trade Fairs will be the site where discussions and planning will be done based on practical application. This will give the leadership an immediate grasp of the opportunities available.


In the Mission they will see how the youth of the world are being empowered today in the global economy. They will also see how creativity is the real capital of the world today when backed by innovation.



India and China, the fastest growing economy in the world, have very little natural resources if any. They are growing faster than any nation in the world. Why? Because of the creativity of their people which is their natural resource. The First Nations Leadership and participants will pickup pointers with which they can facilitate empowering their youth and the people of their Nations to enhance their creativity.




Developing Strategies for Transition into Today’s Economy


This Mission will give the leadership and the participants the first hand experience of how the world is operating today. This vision of implementing the strategy of change can be formulated from their own experience in the Mission.



Protocols and Systems for Personal and Economic Development


With the proliferation of instant communications through audio, video and internet and phone system, business deals are made everyday globally.


The Leadership of any nation and any corporation know that they need to know these protocols and systems to lead their nations and their corporations.


This Mission will be the venue through which the participants will be able to orient themselves speedily and effortlessly in Cross Cultural activities.



The New Business Culture


Now we live in the midst of a new business culture. This is the world of collaboration and partnering. We live in a Global community, where knowledge of Social Skills is essential in building businesses and economies. Large corporations are investing heavily now more than ever before in training their leadership and their staff in this new culture.


The Process of Global Trade


This Mission will be of great value to demystify cross border transactions; to know how import and export transactions take place.


The participants will be oriented in this enormously important economic development tool onsite as it happens.


Meeting With The Global Market


The leadership of the First Nations in this Mission will be immersed in Globalization in the midst of a Global Trade Conference and Trade Fairs.


They will be rubbing shoulders with others who are in the flow of the Globalization process.


We also know that the playing field of the world of business has been levelled and everyone can stand on an equal footing regardless of their present size of business, Nations and Communities.


Who Should Participate?



  • The Leadership and the Chief and Council
  • The Education Authorities to see and formulate the new educational system to fit the new economy and the new society
  • Career Councillors and Human Resource Development Leaders
  • Economic Development Officers and Directors
  • Youth Leadership Faculty
  • Elders to observe the world and the culture both for economic and social support
  • Social Workers to observe and inspire their clients for personal development projects
  • School Principals and vice-Principals to create new curriculums to suit the new world
  • Health Care Authorities to observe and know the mind, body and intellect harmonization in today’s world
  • Corporate Leadership who are running the corporations of the First Nations
  • Individual businessmen and businesswomen already in business


Come join the Leadership Mission




Why should I participate in Tulshi Sen Consulting’s Asia Mission and not go with Team Canada or with a provincial trade delegation}



Provincial and Federal Trade delegation objectives is to take people who are already in global trade or are involved in global trade to sell more products and services.


‘In Tulshi Sen Consulting’s Asia Retreat the participants need have no previous business experience in global trade.’


To participate effectively in such missions, usually one must already have a global business. In these trade missions the delegates are not usually trained or oriented in global trade and protocols but are expected to be experts in the business. They are mostly export oriented only.


In Tulshi Sen Consulting’s Asia Retreat the participants need have no previous business experience in global trade. The participants learn the art of global trade as they develop contacts and contracts. The participants are given the insight into the world of business in order for the participants to build businesses for their nation or for themselves. They are given hands on experience.


‘Tulshi Sen Consulting will share over 30 years of experience in the field of global trade in Hong Kong and China.’


It is easier and faster to start an import business and the import business will give the entrepreneur deep insight into export business. This way the individuals or Nations can build their import/export business faster.


After participating in Tulshi Sen Consulting’s Asia Retreat joining Team Canada or a Provincial trade delegation would be more productive and effective if the participant had no previous global trade experience.


‘This retreat is specially designed and tailored for the Aboriginal People of Canada and United States’


Tulshi Sen Consulting’s Asia Retreat will make the participants effective players in the world of global business. Tulshi Sen Consulting has taken trade delegations since 1988 of mainstream Canadians and Americans to train them in global trade and build businesses internationally. Tulshi Sen Consulting will share over 30 years of experience in the field of global trade in Hong Kong and China. The participants will gain an understanding of business strategies, from the back alleys to the great trading halls of business on a global basis.


The activities stated above in the information booklet clearly spell out the advantage of participating in the Asia Leadership Retreat. It is for building a vision and a strategic plan for an economy for the First Nation and for individuals.


This retreat is specially designed and tailored for the Aboriginal People of Canada and United States to adapt to the global business community along with cross cultural training.




‘We have to experience global trade in the field like we have to learn swimming in the water.’


Like it is impossible to learn swimming by reading a book on swimming and taking classroom lessons from the best swimmers in the world. We will know how to swim, but we cannot swim. We will know the principles of swimming but if we are thrown in the water in all likelihood we will drown unless we are saved. Similarly, we have to experience global trade in the field like we have to learn swimming in the water. We can learn swimming in the water from another swimmer without having to read a book, so can we learn global trade in the field of action from another global trader without having to go through theories.


Nobody can learn swimming without going into the water and the same way nobody can learn global trade without engaging in the field of action of global trade. This is the opportunity and we feel the safest and the fastest way to build a business or career in today’s fast changing global economy.