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Personal & Social Transformation in the 21st Century For Health Service Providers

Empowerment, Self Esteem, Confidence Building & Organizational Learning and Ongoing Team Building

“The frontline health care service providers are the unsung heroes”

Current Situation Analysis

The Health Care Service providers face the trauma and the regular effects of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, sexual abuse and the chronic and new physical ailments everyday of their lives in their jobs. This is their job.
The front-line workers face the brunt and the support workers get the ripple effects. All are affected in the Health care service.

These workers are required to maintain their balance in life and be able to be of service to their community.

  • They need to be vaccinated to immunize them from the day to day negativity they face everyday of their lives.
  • They need to develop the detachment without losing the empathy.
  • They need to be able to self- heal and be given the support and the tools for self- healing.
  • They need to learn how not to take the problems of their workplace to their home and infect their families with it.

“The Health Care service providers are the channels through which many of the social issues that the community confront can be resolved with the least resistance.”

Unsung Heroes

The frontline health care service providers are the unsung heroes. They don’t know it and they don’t want to believe in it. Compared with all the other types of work they work with mind, body and spirit of the individual more than many other professions of our times.

Health and disease is an ongoing process of the harmony and discord of the mind, body and spirit of the humankind.

Many of the health care service providers may have had similar experiences through various circumstances and situations with the same mental, physical and social issues that they help their clients with today.

They need help; and they need continuous self -healing. They need the emotional and psychological support to perform their jobs and not get involved with the pain of their clients.  They need to learn detachment and help their clients without being affected by the situation emotionally much like a duck being in the water and not getting wet by the water.

Emotional Scars

Our thinking patterns are predominantly influenced by the emotional scars of abuse and remorse. This is the looking glass through which we a have a tendency to look at everything in our lives.
The health care service providers have to deal with these scars in their clients. They usually see helplessness and sometimes unwittingly dwell in hopelessness.

Health & Transformation

The Health Care service providers are the channels through which many of the social issues that the community confront can be resolved with the least resistance.
Health and disease is a state of mind, it just does not happen to us. It is a continuous mental process and is a lifestyle issue in most cases. Health and disease is a process of the inner harmony of mind, body and spirit.

Body Mind harmony is a process; disease is a process and healing is a process.
The Health care service providers want to and are able to bring about the change and the Transformation.  The change and Transformation is the balance of body mind and spirit.

The World Has Changed

We live in an age of instant body, mind and ego gratification. We live in an age where lifestyle has changed dramatically. The ways we socialize, date, do our courtship and business is not the same anymore.
We do live in a new Culture.  Some do recognize it and some don’t want to recognize it.  The fact is that we live in a different world today than we had lived five years ago.  We don’t even live in the previous generation’s culture anymore.  Traditions don’t change but culture changes with time technology and economy. Medical treatment has changed.

Almost all health issues are the effects of lifestyle and history. Our values are not the same and the Health Care Service Providers are faced with a new set of values which is the cause of stress and burnouts.

The Service Providers need orientation and insight in these new core values to be effective in their jobs.


Mentoring & Coaching For Organizational Leadership & Team Building

Three Day Discovery Workshop with the Key People to explore and define needs for Organizational Learning and Team Building in harmony with the Mandate of Cree Health Board for Well Being

Pilot Project Proposal for a two day discovery session as per our discussion to develop a Mentoring Coaching Program.

We also felt that the deliverables and outcomes of the program to be built must be formulated with inputs from the participants who will deliver the program to their clients. This way the participants will embrace the program with no resistance as they will have the full ownership of the program by their full participation in developing the program.

1) Building a Mentorship Project for Cree Health to maintain spiritual, emotional, mental and physical equilibrium for enhancing General Well Being in all Nations.

2) Explore the needs of the Key Personnel who deliver the services to their clients to enhance their capacity. How their work affects them personally and professionally. How they would like to see their jobs being enhanced and enriched. Their feed back will be the basis to build the ongoing program.

3) The session will be to define the challenges the stakeholders face in their day to day function. Then discuss how they can best perform and deliver their services to their clients.

4) To achieve this objective the facilitators of this session would utilize the topics laid out in the agenda, given below, to bring to the surface the competences required to develop mentors and to develop a mentoring program for the mentors themselves.

5) Soul Searching for self knowledge to know what they want from life and their expectations and to self asses their beliefs and their deserve level. Set goals and Build A Vision out of their goals to balance their work and family life.

6) To assess the role of Culture and how it affects all aspect of our lives, mind, body and spirit. To Develop a Culture Based Mentoring Coaching Program with which the Key Personnel can reach out to the Nation.

7) The participants to build a road map and the infrastructure of the Mentorship and Coaching program that they will need themselves and also which they will deliver to their clients.

The Participants do play a very important role for the well being of the people. Their feedback and feelings and observations will be a key factor in developing this program.

The gravity of this Project is of prime importance as the services of the stakeholders affects almost all aspects of the Nation’s Life.

The session will be focused on the mandate of the Cree Health board, which is based on Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Equilibrium. The Mentorship Program will be built in consultation with the deliverers of the Program and as such will not be borrowed and it will be created with their input and will be owned by them.

They do understand that their services are of immense value to the Nation:

• And which affects all aspects of the lives of the members of the Nation

• From Education to Economy

• From community development, life style to social integration and growth of the individual and more.

• Health and well being

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Making Peace With The Past

Embracing a New Vision for a New Life

The ghosts of our past come to haunt us, without warning, during our moments of happiness and sucks out the joy of life. These ghosts of our past clings on to our spirit like a leech, a parasite, and make our life joyless. It makes us incapable to build a clear vision with a definite purpose.

We seem to be living our daily life in a nightmare, which we have agreed to tolerate just to survive each day. This survival has become our standard of happiness.

Life needs a vision. And vision needs light. A life without a vision becomes a perfect abode or house to be haunted by these ghosts of our past; those frozen moments when we had been violated emotionally and physically. Our personalities become a haunted house by the ghosts of our past experiences. It keeps on violating us to this day, and becomes more painful than that when we had experienced it in the distant past.

These despicable ghosts must be laid to rest, exorcised by the light of our life; otherwise it will suck out the marrow of our life.

Then only can we make peace with our past. Then only can we build a vision for our life, and then develop a strategic plan for our personal life. We will be able to exercise our greatest power and gift from the Almighty: the freedom to choose the thoughts we want to think regardless of our circumstances.

We will welcome peace, prosperity, love, plenty of spontaneous laughter. We will drive out those cruel ghosts and in this process strengthen ourselves to build a new future. A future we could not have dreamt of before.

This Program has three parts:

Part one:
To get rid of the emotional ghosts that haunts us.  Then make peace with our past. To heal those invisible emotional scars with a new vision and the method of visioning as taught by a great Master.

Part two:
To see ourselves clearly. To know how we can control our thought process. To think the thoughts we want to think regardless of our circumstances.

Part three:
a) How to build a vision for our own life and make our families happy.
b) To have and set goals and a definite purpose to accomplish those goals.
c) To develop a strategic plan for our own personal life. This is building vision for a new life.

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Health Care Navigating the Future™

The Complete Body Mind Intellect Empowerment Program For Health Care Service Providers for Today’s World

Maintenance of a Learning Organization and Team Building In These Fast Changing Fluidic Times

Personal & Social Transformation in the 21st Century For Health Service Providers

Empowerment, Self Esteem, Confidence Building & Organizational Learning and Ongoing Team Building

The Intention of the Program

This Curriculum will be a Team Building and Empowerment initiative for the existing staff to revitalize their Body Mind Spirit Balance.

This program will help the new managers who have got started and those who have already started.

1. The frontline health workers to handle their jobs more effectively.

2. To enrich their job by giving them the tools to empower their clients. These tools will also be continuously empowering the health care services providers themselves.

3. To be able to handle stress and anxiety, this is an integral part of their daily routine.

4. To be happy and be enthusiastic in their profession.

5. To build a team, a learning organization.

The Purpose of the Program

1. To enable the frontline health care service providers to:

a. Dispense health care service to their clients with reduced stress and strengthened mind body and intellect
b. To synchronize personal vision with shared vision of the organization
c. To work daily while being vision driven, both personal and organizational vision
d. To build a team and to connect with each member of the team to arrive at the vision of an anxiety free happy workplace.
e. To face the day to day challenges of the clients with total detachment so that effective care can be provided

2. To learn continuously for self-healing and service clients more effectively. To guide & teach their clients without being emotionally overloaded with the client’s issues

a. To be a leader…leaders are teachers

b. To be in control without controlling or being controlled

3. Finding Purpose.

To be able to build a vision for their life and be able to guide their clients to help build a vision.  To find Purpose one must seek answers to the following questions. These answers form the Touchstone of the life of the humankind for forming the true Vision of one’s  own life.

a. Who am I
b. What am I doing here
c. Where am I
d. Where am I going from here

The Methodology

Through holistic approach of body, mind, and intellect the participants will accomplish the following:

• The individual will be guided to formulate a Vision and Goals to accomplish the Vision of their life. They will be guided to create the blueprint for the rest of their life synchronized with the Vision of the Organization.

• They will be guided to rediscover themselves….to know themselves

• They will bring meaning back to their lives and their workplace

• They will fall in love with their Vision

• They will make peace with their past and be able to render professional service without emotional attachment

• They will synchronize their life with the world and keep up with the changes in this fast changing multi-tasking world

• They will learn to create time the most scarce commodity of today

• They will learn to see tomorrow open for them to fulfill their Vision and not be frightened by it….they will live in their today excited to walk into tomorrow

• They will learn to teach what they have learnt

• They will see life as an adventure and fall in love with life all over again

• They will learn to empower their own personal magnetism and positively affect everyone they meet

The Process

The process of Team Building and Empowerment with Revitalization of Body Mind Spirit balance will be done in the following way:

1. The Pilot Project

Charting the Course and Tilling the Mind Body and Spirit

3 Day Workshop

2. The First Workshop Following Pilot Project

Planting the Seeds of Power and Self Mastery
3 Day Workshop

3. The Second Workshop

Awakening the Master Within and Nurturing the Power Plant

3 Day Workshop

4. The Third Workshop

Becoming Self-Empowered by Harvesting Power from Within

3 Day Workshop