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Aboriginal Programs

Leadership, Economic, Social and Cultural Programs

Tulshi Sen Consulting has been working with Aboriginal Communities across Canada and the USA since 1997 when we first started working with the Blood Nation in Southern Alberta.

Aboriginal Programs for Capacity Building for Today's World

“Personal Development and Economic Development must go hand in hand to build a New Economy for Today’s World.” ...Tulshi Sen

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2000 Millennium Project

54,000 Business people from around the world gathered to watch the First Nations Dancers promote the First Nations Arts and Crafts in Hong Kong organized by Tulshi Sen for FNITC

Train The Trainer Programs

Leadership & Life Styles Train the Trainers Project

The purpose of the Project is to Train a selected group of Trainers to train members of the Community in Leadership and Life Styles relevant to the issues and initiatives of the Community

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Nishiiyuu Ways Program http://www.nishiiyuuways.com

22 Trainers Successfully Trained by TSC in Eenou/Eeyou Region of Quebec

The purpose of this program is to transfer to the youth the wisdom of the Nishiiyuu Way (Way of the Elders) and to empower them with it. As a result, they will live a life of power and purpose, and would be able to handle adversities with courage, energy, fortitude and kindness.  They will create their own circumstances and conditions of their own free choosing. This is the Nishiiyuu Ways.

Aboriginal Programs For Economic Development

Tulshi Sen Consulting has been helping First Nations for over 2o years build their leadership and Nation socially and economically for the 21st century. Find out how our programs can help your First Nation.

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Fast Track Your Community into the New Economy

Tulshi Sen’s Program Awakens the Spirit of the Youth and Entrepreneurs

“Tulshi Sen came into our community and truly fast tracked the Blood Nation Youths and entrepreneurs into Global Trade. He stretched our youths and entrepreneurs mind from the reserves to the great trading halls of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. His program works.”

Chief Chris Shade, Blood Nation, Alberta

A Balanced Approach

The Way People Live, Learn, Play and Do Business have changed.

Taking this as the landmark, the following Approach will be taken and Programs will be designed & developed for our Clients

Programs To Create A Power Base Within The Community For Social & Economic Development

A Bird Must Have Two Wings and a Tail to Fly. If A Bird does not have two wings and a tail it will crash.

… Drawing from this analogy
..One wing is the Social Development Wing.

Still that wing alone will not make the bird fly.
… The other wing is the Economic Development Wing

Still with both the wings the bird will not fly. It can only flap and move little distances. It needs the Tail also to fly.

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The tail is the Leadership that navigates and gives direction.

The Bird Is The Community In Flight towards its Goals.

The Vision is the Wind beneath its Wings.

It must have Social Development and Economic Development navigated and directed by the Leadership, the Tail.