Reflections on

Problems and Solutions Facing the Youth of Today

The Mindset of a Leader and of an Entrepreneur in Today’s World of Constant Disruption and Re-Alignment

  1. Current Situation analysis
    • Disappearance of a sense of community
    • Avoidance of soul-searching enquiry
    • Loneliness


    A Nation or a Community or a Family or an Individual cannot survive without an economic base that generates revenue.


    Most individuals are standing on untapped possibilities without any idea of what they want.

    The Youth are bewildered with the turbulence of constant change in this digitized AI-Based World.

    They are stupefied and feel incapable of protest against themselves or against the Leaders in this Age of Revolution.

    They don’t have a voice.

    They don’t have a vision.

    They don’t have a goal post.

    They see only the ice, the puck, the equipment.

    No players.

  1. Solution
    • The program will give self-identity and entrepreneurial intelligence.
    • Develop self-reliance.
    • This plan has been specially designed to capitalize on Ancient Secrets of Success and maintain Culture of Unity to break free from the clutches of hopelessness. To get out of the shadows of yesterday and enter the New World with self-reliance and self-confidence.


    The Whole Education System Has Changed

    The Old Education System of Memorize and Regurgitate is obsolete. The new education system is micro-based, individuated to Create and Innovate. In the old education system innovation and creativity was frowned upon.

    Universities, colleges, and educational institutions are not yet geared to handle this problem of digital and AI Revolution.

    Only down to earth entrepreneurs who have gone through this experience of life building enterprises from the ground up can train the present youth and leaders. The capacity to think outside the box will prevent them from being trapped in it and see the light of the day and not live in the shadows anymore.

    And the history of our organization qualifies us. No management consultancy or university can develop this acumen to handle this crisis. An impulse can only come from another impulse.

    Entrepreneur takes off on impulse-power. Gathers momentum and becomes free.

    All the money in the world, all the books in the world, cannot create an entrepreneur.

    Fire can be lit from another fire or by tremendous friction, pain.