Tulshi Sen Consulting Services

Leadership and Business Building Programs for Corporations, Communities and Individuals for Today’s World


We deliver training that grows corporations, communities and individuals in today’s world. We have our own standard programs and we also create and build programs customized for our clients as per their requirements. Our programs are based on Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World by Tulshi Sen.


The Field of Our Activity
  1. Leadership Skills for Today’s Borderless Business World
  2. Team Building for Today’s World
  3. Personal Development
  4. Building Trainers in the field of Leadership, Team Building and Personal Development
  5. The Art and Science of Public Speaking and Private Discussions  – The New Communication Skills
  6. A Fast Track Program in No-Capital Global Business Development
  7. A Program on Design, Innovation and Creativity, the Heart, Mind, and Soul of Business
  8. Street Smart Marketing in America, India, and China
  9. Leadership Retreats in Asia for Creating and Building Businesses for Today’s World
  10. Cross Cultural Training for Negotiations, Doing Business and Marketing and Advertising
  11. Advertising, Copy Writing and Content for Sales Promotion
  12. Aboriginal Programs for Social and Economic Development
    1. Strategic Planning
    2. Leadership Programs
    3. Youth Programs/Mentorship
    4. Train the Trainer in Life Skills and Life Coaching for Intervention
    5. Business/Economic Development for Community Based Business
      and Individual Entrepreneurship
    6. Making Peace with the Past and Building the Aboriginal Future for Youth/Elders
  13. Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World
    1. Reclaiming the right and the power to vision freely and manifest the vision regardless of the present circumstances
    2. Developing the power of Imagination, the engine of success of creation and innovation
    3. Goal Setting and building Visions both on Corporate and Individual Levels

Corporate and Individual Programs

  1. Stimulating Creativity
  2. Increasing Productivity
  3. Improving Retention
  4. Reducing Stress
  5. Increasing the Capacity for Knowledge Absorption
  6. Improving Communication Skills to Increase Productivity
  7. Dealing With Subordinates
  8. Dealing With Peers And Superiors
  9. Developing The Ability To Vision And Hold The Vision
  10. Improving  the Capacity of Assessment and Decision Making
  11. Developing Intellectual Strength
  12. Increasing Reliance On Consciousness
  13. Establishing Relationships With Employer, With Business, With Family, With The Universe


For more information on Sales, International Business and Leadership Programs for your organization please contact us by emailing info@tulshisen.com.