How To Live Your Daily Life Spiritually

To make it anxiety free and successful from morning to night.

Watch the Video: 15 min.

 Daily routine:

  • Pre-Breakfast

Set your alarm clock to “Consciousness Rising” – Music of the Cosmos

Rise out of bed.

Meditation – 5 minutes

  1. Take the posture of meditation – Asana
  2. Meditate on the Proclamation
  3. Concentrate on the meaning of the Proclamation
  4. Become one with the Proclamation and do not concern yourself with the outcome of your meditation

Day 1 – First Proclamation

Day 2 – Second Proclamation

Day 3 – Third Proclamation

Day 4 – Fourth Proclamation

  • Repeat the same every Four Days
  • On Sunday add the Word for 5 minutes – “So Hum – I Am That”
  • Have a timer set for the five minutes – Use your smart phone, computer etc.

Spend 15 minutes to review your goals and visions 

Give Four Steps To Visioning Practice

  1. Look at the Intention and saturate it with the motive behind the Intention.
  2. Start Imagining

Imagine the fulfillment of the Intention in moving pictures

Sense it, taste it, see it, smell it, hear it, touch it and see and feel the joy of fulfillment of the motive of your Intention.

  1. Action

See yourself in the Imagination and witness the feelings, the concreteness of your Imagination and live in it, take ownership of it and see it being done.

  1. Manifestation/Embodiment

See your Intention as your present reality. It is solid. If it is an idea, then enjoy the fruits of it. Revel in it. Feel the accomplishment and ask what should I do next?

This meditation should not exceed more than 15 minutes.

  • Then walkout, get your breakfast and think of what you will do today at work, in business or home including shopping.
  • Practice seeing what you will do consciously as a Vision and before you do it.
  • See it done, even if it is romancing. Nothing is left to contingency. You saw it.
  • You will now walk into your day.
  • Breakfast
  • Go To Work

During work concentrate all the time on “Consciousness Creates, Tat Tavm Asi”. Remind yourself all the time “That Thou Art” – make it like an anti-virus.

Don’t repeat it. Say it in your mind as you do the email or assembly line. If you want, you can gently whisper when nobody is around.

  • Lunch Break

Eat your lunch/do business lunch or talk with your colleagues and friends.

At the same time, see your vision as a present reality and you are enjoying the outcomes of it.  See your children happy. See your spouse excited about you. See and enjoy the new car. Enjoy the feeling of the new car and the new residence. Enjoy the feeling of the travel that you have in your vision.

Do the same thing as you did on the first half of the day. See your vision as present reality. You will forget. Bring it back again and again. Even if you have to do it by force.

Your mind will try to wiggle out of it. Keep it on a short leash and say “heel”. The “heel” is “Consciousness Creates, Pragyanaam Brahman”.

  • After Work

Put on “Awakening with the Rock and Raga” on your way home from work.

Never forget why you work. To love yourself and your family. Motive is the key to everything you do.

No accidents – there is nothing by chance. Everything is happening to concretize your goal, your Vision. What people call ‘chance’ is a part of the grand synchronization of the Universe to bring your Vision into concrete embodiment. It cannot fail. Why?

Because it is already your reality waiting to be claimed by you. The house is yours. The movers are coming to move you in. You have ordered the drapes and furniture. The plumber is on the way. The painter is buying the paint.

Do this while you talk, while you drive etc.

  • Pre-Dinner

For Five minutes chant, “Tat Tavm Asi – That Thou Art”.

The food is the power. Everything is that. Your motive behind eating is to fulfill the happiness of your accomplished desire which is your present reality.

The motive of your goal is more than the goal. Saturate yourself with the motive no matter how hopeless or how far away or how preposterous your goals seem to be at this time. It is your reality in your heart. The leash that ties that mind is your mantra, the First Proclamation.

Whisper or silently repeat when these attacks come. No matter how ridiculous it may appear. Keep at it. Keep at it. You will see the difference.

Then your life will become a cake walk.

  • Dinner
  • Before Retiring For Bed

Repeat the Pre-Breakfast Meditation and when in bed before sleeping vision your life as you want it till you fall into slumber.

Repeat 4X silently the Fourth Proclamation and if you want you can whisper it.

Go to sleep to wake up to your reality, your vision.