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Aboriginal Youth solutions discovered after 13 years of research

3 major solutions WEE, Well Being, Education and Economy

How to make the Youth return to their heritage

The Youth of Canada

The youth today is facing the challenge, which was never before faced by any generation before them. The world has changed. The fax machine the pride of modernization is almost becoming obsolete. Education is in a constant state of flux. What they will learn today will become obsolete tomorrow, and by the time they graduate they will be required to be re-educated.

The education system must be geared to more  for how to learn than what to learn. They must be taught to develop their mental faculty more than gathering knowledge. But that is not happening fast enough. The traditional fathers of education in most cases do not know how to meet this challenge.

The challenge is very severe. Conventional education is not sufficient anymore. The traditional idea of having a job and retiring from it is totally outdated. No job is permanent. Everything is in a state of change.

The way we live and the way work has changed. Meeting this change and adjusting to it is an enormous task. This task is not easy nor is conducive to mental health. It has caused psychological havoc both in the youth and the old.

The Aboriginal Youth

Tulshi Sen with Cree Nation Youth in Val D'or, Quebec
Tulshi Sen with Cree Nation Youth in Val D’Or, Quebec after a 5 day Workshop

The Aboriginal communities are faced with a further challenge and that is that there are not enough ready jobs available and unemployment is high.

There is no promise of a job on completion of their school education. Hopes to be employed are at best hazy and prospects of opportunities are dimmed by a self-image produced by the economic conditions of the community.

That leaves the youth with very little incentive to complete their education. And if they do complete their schooling it would be under pressure of their family and society.

This in all likelihood will lead to a very low self-image if after completing their education they have nothing to look forward to.

Self- Image and success are inseparable.


Fear and courage is produced by an individual’s capacity to imagine.

Our capacity to imagine determines the quality of our life.

Our capacity to imagine reveals to us our past conditioning.

Our capacity to imagine shows us our belief in the power of life.

Belief and imagination and being is the ultimate indicator of who we are now and also shows how we can change it if need be.

The purpose of empowerment is to release an individual’s imagination from the box of his past conditioning. Only then is his capacity to choose has been increased. Health, Education and careers are direct results of our capacity to imagine.

Leadership today, yesterday and the years to come will be determined by the leader’s capacity to imagine. The term thinking out of the box really means unfettered imagination.

Imagination not believed upon is fantasy. All imagination is believed. Fantasy is wishful thinking.

In this well being initiative the main purpose would be that the director or leader can act like a leaven in the community to allow the members to aspire by releasing their imagination from the box that it is kept in now. To free the imagination, to be able to dream dreams that they could not have dreamt before.

For example, get educated, have a healthy life, aspire to be the greatest of the great. Travel around the world and truly believe that they can achieve it.

Imagination creates vision.  The quality of the vision we have of our life reflects our capacity to imagine.

A life without a vision is a perilous life.

The Youth And Their Future Symposium

Building a Balanced Economic and Cultural life within the Community.

Purpose of the Symposium

It is self evident that Economic Growth begins with building of enterprises within a community. This leads to employment opportunities. Then this leads to self-sufficiency, the basis of a healthy community.

The Youth of the community is the backbone of the future and now. The mindset of the Youth will determine their future and consequently the community’s future as well. Their mindset can only be powerful when they are informed of all the grand opportunities that are available to them now.

  • How they can today participate and prosper from the ongoing global prosperity.
  • How they can build enterprises locally, regionally, and globally while still living in their own communities.
  • How today it is possible for an individual to start a business from any where in the world, regardless of whether they live in the heart of Africa or the mountains of America, and build a global enterprise, with knowledge that is available at their fingertips.
  • How the world today has economically become borderless.
  • How today’s capital is knowledge. It is abundantly available and we can show them how they can tap into this powerful resource through which they can build businesses easily and efficiently with the minimum of effort.

Such as:

a. Build Tourism Projects and Products and market it internationally, regionally, and locally using the latest technology currently available to them.

b. Build and organize the creators of arts and crafts within their community and market their products internationally, regionally and locally using the latest technology as well as the traditional methods. Also a combination of the traditional marketing system and the marketing tools of the new economy using their street-smart methods.

c. How they can be sitting in the corner of their home and locate consumer and business products at 25% of the retail value in Asia and market it regionally and internationally without carrying any inventory. How they can fast track in import/export business (global trade).

d. How they can efficiently build their traditional businesses within the communities and generate more revenue with ease and efficiently by using the tools of the new economy combined with the present marketing systems.

This knowledge is the fuel to engage the Youths to start their enterprises and/or make full effort to gain knowledge in this field to acquire employment.

The spark is within them. Without the spark the fuel cannot be lit. The Leadership and the Motivational aspect of the Symposium will reveal to them their inherent power to accomplish any business endeavor they choose to engage.

They will be given the raw materials to construct their own self image to suit the new world they live in today and to know that their true strength lies in their cultural roots. This does not apply only to the Aboriginal Culture but to all cultures. The quality of the roots will determine the quality of the fruits.

They will be given the same leadership principles and motivation that have propelled many a great entrepreneur from the depths of poverty to prosperity. This leadership program is based primarily in building:

(a)    Self image
(b)    Vision for their personal life
(c)    A vision of their work life
(d)    A mission of their personal life
(e)    A mission for their economic life
(f)    Time management the regulator of self image
(g)    How to set a goal and manifest it
(h)    The power within that can accomplish anything. This is the spark that will light the fuel of the knowledge of enterprise and the abundance and opportunity. They will then realize on their own how they can be self-sufficient. They will be able to touch it.

This spark will set their hearts ablaze, and move them to go forward overriding obstacles and to begin to build their businesses and their lives. This will make them engage in the right programs and training courses to build businesses, to be employed and self-employed. This is the beginning.

Our program in the one-day Symposium is to fulfill this purpose and inspire.

To motivate, to inform, and to follow through with programs to fulfill these objectives.  We have done it.