Mentoring Coaching Program

Mentoring & Coaching For Organizational Leadership & Team Building

Three Day Discovery Workshop with the Key People to explore and define needs for Organizational Learning and Team Building in harmony with the Mandate of Cree Health Board for Well Being

Pilot Project Proposal for a two day discovery session as per our discussion to develop a Mentoring Coaching Program.

We also felt that the deliverables and outcomes of the program to be built must be formulated with inputs from the participants who will deliver the program to their clients. This way the participants will embrace the program with no resistance as they will have the full ownership of the program by their full participation in developing the program.

1) Building a Mentorship Project for Cree Health to maintain spiritual, emotional, mental and physical equilibrium for enhancing General Well Being in all Nations.

2) Explore the needs of the Key Personnel who deliver the services to their clients to enhance their capacity. How their work affects them personally and professionally. How they would like to see their jobs being enhanced and enriched. Their feed back will be the basis to build the ongoing program.

3) The session will be to define the challenges the stakeholders face in their day to day function. Then discuss how they can best perform and deliver their services to their clients.

4) To achieve this objective the facilitators of this session would utilize the topics laid out in the agenda, given below, to bring to the surface the competences required to develop mentors and to develop a mentoring program for the mentors themselves.

5) Soul Searching for self knowledge to know what they want from life and their expectations and to self asses their beliefs and their deserve level. Set goals and Build A Vision out of their goals to balance their work and family life.

6) To assess the role of Culture and how it affects all aspect of our lives, mind, body and spirit. To Develop a Culture Based Mentoring Coaching Program with which the Key Personnel can reach out to the Nation.

7) The participants to build a road map and the infrastructure of the Mentorship and Coaching program that they will need themselves and also which they will deliver to their clients.

The Participants do play a very important role for the well being of the people. Their feedback and feelings and observations will be a key factor in developing this program.

The gravity of this Project is of prime importance as the services of the stakeholders affects almost all aspects of the Nation’s Life.

The session will be focused on the mandate of the Cree Health board, which is based on Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Equilibrium. The Mentorship Program will be built in consultation with the deliverers of the Program and as such will not be borrowed and it will be created with their input and will be owned by them.

They do understand that their services are of immense value to the Nation:

• And which affects all aspects of the lives of the members of the Nation

• From Education to Economy

• From community development, life style to social integration and growth of the individual and more.

• Health and well being