Making Peace with the Past

Embracing a New Vision for a New Life

The ghosts of our past come to haunt us, without warning, during our moments of happiness and sucks out the joy of life. These ghosts of our past clings on to our spirit like a leech, a parasite, and make our life joyless. It makes us incapable to build a clear vision with a definite purpose.

We seem to be living our daily life in a nightmare, which we have agreed to tolerate just to survive each day. This survival has become our standard of happiness.

Life needs a vision. And vision needs light. A life without a vision becomes a perfect abode or house to be haunted by these ghosts of our past; those frozen moments when we had been violated emotionally and physically. Our personalities become a haunted house by the ghosts of our past experiences. It keeps on violating us to this day, and becomes more painful than that when we had experienced it in the distant past.

These despicable ghosts must be laid to rest, exorcised by the light of our life; otherwise it will suck out the marrow of our life.

Then only can we make peace with our past. Then only can we build a vision for our life, and then develop a strategic plan for our personal life. We will be able to exercise our greatest power and gift from the Almighty: the freedom to choose the thoughts we want to think regardless of our circumstances.

We will welcome peace, prosperity, love, plenty of spontaneous laughter. We will drive out those cruel ghosts and in this process strengthen ourselves to build a new future. A future we could not have dreamt of before.

This Program has three parts:

Part one:
To get rid of the emotional ghosts that haunts us.  Then make peace with our past. To heal those invisible emotional scars with a new vision and the method of visioning as taught by a great Master.

Part two:
To see ourselves clearly. To know how we can control our thought process. To think the thoughts we want to think regardless of our circumstances.

Part three:
a) How to build a vision for our own life and make our families happy.
b) To have and set goals and a definite purpose to accomplish those goals.
c) To develop a strategic plan for our own personal life. This is building vision for a new life.