Master Key To Unlock The Infinite

The Ancient Secrets Of Visioning

Dear Friend,

You are not alone if you have gone from one success seminar to another or read one success book after another and you are still wanting more and not completely satisfied.

You are not alone if you see success within your reach but can’t seem to get a hold of it. It seems like a receding horizon in front of you. Just an inch away but you cannot grasp it.

And you are not alone if you feel like you are caught in the quick sand of a hurried anxiety-ridden life with no apparent life line to grasp on to for safety.

...And YOU ARE READY to finally know the truth about Success

And here it is...

Success cannot be bought or learnt... it must be practiced.

I know that might sound shocking. But just think about it. If we could buy or learn about success everyone would be successful. Just like if we could swim by reading a book by a great Olympic champion swimmer like Michael Phelps there would be no need for swimming lessons or getting water up our nose on that first jump in the water. We could just read his book and be done with it.

And most of us have tried parroting some affirmation to get success... trying to fake it till we make it so to speak. But as we sadly find out, saying sweet ... sweet...sweet all day long is not going to make us sweet. It only makes us more frustrated or deludes us into living in a world of fantasy with no concrete results in our life.

So You Need to Practice The Real Secret To Success

The law of attraction is not a secret, it is a law. The real secret is you don’t get what you want, you get what you are.

You see only a rich person can have riches, only a romantic has romance and only a friend can have friends. You have to first “be” whatever you want in your life to have it come into your life.

And I know what you are thinking. And I know your mind is reeling. You are thinking, how do I become rich when I am having difficulty paying my rent or my business is losing money or my stock portfolio just took a nose dive? How can I have romance when I am going through a messy relationship?

Let me tell you a little story...

There was a poor boy who went to his mother. She was a widow. He said, “mother are we poor”? His mother said to him, “no son, we are very rich and someday we will have money”.

That is exactly what the mother wanted to tell the son, you attract what you are, you never attract what you want.

Henry Ford

And when the great auto industrialist Henry Ford was asked, when did you become rich? His famous reply was, “when I was sleeping on park benches”.

So you see you must be able to “be” it first.

And this is why you must learn how to practice success and raise your belief level... remember you are what you believe yourself to be.

And above all we will have to learn to be rich before we have the money, have an authentic relationship with our self before we meet our partner.

The Master Key For Success is a Time Tested and Proven System. It Works.

You will be learning a system that has a proven track record. In fact 4,500 years. You can’t get a more proven system than that.

The Master Key For Success For Today’s World has its roots in the teachings of the Masters of Antiquity. This system goes as far into the past as the Vedas of India and Hermes of Ancient Egypt. Evidence as far back as 2,500 BC

This system has turned ordinary people into heroes, Kings and Emperors. They became leaders, romantics, and visionaries who changed this world.


The principles behind this system have been in practice by the great thinkers, leaders, and teachers of all ages and of all cultures.

From Pythagorus, King Solomon, King David, to George Washington and the founding Fathers of America, and the architects of France and Great Britain, India, China and the world over have relied on such systems for Nation Building.

Carl Jung

Great psychologists like Carl Jung and modern day teachers and therapists have used these systems to help individuals and have written about it extensively

Three Reasons Why This Program Works

Reason One

Our life is exactly what we believe it to be.

The System triggers the logical left brain to reach the emotional, imaginative and artistic right brain to accept and believe that you can become whatever you want to be.

We have two hemispheres in our brain.

The left hemisphere is the logical rational calculative and mathematical part of us. It is through the left brain that our thoughts are filtered and if it doesn’t find any identification or reference point for the thought it rejects that thought. For example, if I told you to think of becoming a billionaire, your left brain would laugh at it. It cannot compute the thought so it cannot pass it on to your right brain, the right hemisphere. The right hemisphere is the imaginative, emotional, artistic and creative power within us.

So we have to trigger the left brain in order to reach the right brain to accept and believe that we can become what we believe we can become.

The Master Key for Success system achieves this by taking us on the journey through the landscape of our mind and the mechanism of our creative process. The left brain requires visual explanation. This system gives the left brain the stimulus to reach out to the right brain and form desires and build visions.

These instruments and system have been used by the greatest of the great masters which dates back to 2500 BC and these types of instruments are being used by the masters of today and have been kept unexposed so it cannot be ridiculed and profaned by those who only live a left brained life (Stressed out life) As Ancient Hypocrites, the Father of Medicine in the West, says “Lest ye profane”.

This instrument will be unveiled to you at the seminar to enter a whole new life and then you will be able to dream what you were not able to dream before. Just remember, dreamers are the architects of progress. Einstein was a dreamer.

“As the visible world is sustained by the invisible, so men through all their trials and sins and sordid vocations, are nourished by the beautiful visions of their solitary dreamers”. James Allan

Reason Two

Success begins with concentration. No Concentration. No Vision.

This System gives you the power to concentrate and take charge of your own thinking. Your thoughts create the anxiety or the joy of your life. Your thoughts create stress or calmness in your life.

Get full control of your thoughts, reclaim your right to live the way you want to live, and not the way you have been made to live by your circumstances and environment.

Most people suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder. They cannot hold onto a thought, let alone a vision. A person without a vision shall perish. Just like a nation without a vision perishes. You cannot have a vision if you cannot concentrate.

We have the ability to vision and concentrate more than we know. Just remember... a worry is a vision and we cannot take our mind off our worries. It is always running at the back of our mind like a continuous software (because we believe in it). Till we can do the same with a vision of what we want out of life, we will be living somebody else’s’ vision and we will be living in constant worry. We must know how to concentrate and then we can have everything we want.

This system gives the individual the ability to master the greatest power on earth ... voluntary concentration and not involuntary concentration. Involuntary concentration is the concentration on a worry that holds us hostage throughout the day. Voluntary concentration is the joy of holding a vision, seeing it already accomplished, and living in that vision.

Most of us live the way we have to live and to make it easier for us to humor our ego we try to believe or rather make believe that we are living the life we want to live. This causes tremendous hardship and pain in our heart and our mind and we do sometimes feel phony.

Just imagine how you will feel when you can vision anything you want and hold that vision with unflinching concentration. You will soon feel the reality of a vision fulfilled. You can touch it, smell it, see it, manifest it. That is the power of concentration

Reason Three

This system gives you how you create everything in your life through imagery. It raises your belief level because you will know you do not have to depend on anyone or anybody else to bring to you what you desire now.

This System gives you the schematic of creation and raises your belief level that you don’t have to depend on anything or anybody else to bring whatever you want right to your feet.

That is why it is said every desire is a promise.

The reason why we cannot desire more is because we don’t believe in it. This system will raise your belief level to heights you couldn’t have imagined before.

Much much more than that, when we desire something more than what we are now, we negate our desire because we believe we don’t have the ways and means to achieve it.

The universal law is that every desire carries its own mathematics and ways and means to accomplish it. No desire held in our mind can ever not be manifested.

This system gives us the schematic of the creativity in us and triggers our left hemisphere of our brain. We marry reason with passion and both the left and right brain merge to raise our belief level. Then you will see the whole universe reeling towards you and how it synchronizes all the ways and means to get what you want by unlocking our mind with the Master Key For Success For Today’s World.

All the power of the universe, past present and future is within you right now. Our future is now and above time.

Success in life is to take control of your thinking process. To think the thoughts you want to think and bring them into physical manifestation.

These Four Proclamations will give you the awareness of your relationship with the Universe and its grand manifestation. You will begin to know who you are and realize your own authority over your life.

The Four Proclamations can release the mind from the shackles of the intellect. These four eternal truths can free the mind from past conditioning, the limitations of the present circumstances and the fear of the future.

These Proclamations can give you the ability to think out of the box and to realize the Truth, the Truth that will set you free to be what you want to be.

Music is the Universal Language

It is the language of nature and the Cosmos.

It is the language which animals, plants, stones and humans feel and respond to.

It pierces through our mind into our heart and brings us back to an awareness that supersedes all comprehension.

In the ancient times, Orpheus, the heavenly musician played his lyre and all the animals, plants and trees were enchanted and he could communicate with them through his music.

Letter from the Author and Composer

Creativity Is Our Natural Condition

From childhood we have been conditioned to the fact that we are a limited human being.

Our capacity is limited, though in every tradition we are told we are divine and we know divinity cannot be limited.

But our divinity has been restricted to the body and as such we have been limited in our thinking and to our circumstances which is our world. We feel we can only be, do and have what our circumstances and our conditions will allow us.

The purpose of this meditation is to transcend that.

No amount of knowledge and discussions can help us to break free from our dependency on our circumstances and conditions. We remain in bondage of our past.

The only way to transcend it is not by reading more about it but by programming our mind to who we really are.

Like Pindar a great poet 2600 years ago says, "Know who you are and then be who you are".

The Vedic philosophy says you are the Creator

Professor Elmer Gates made an experiment that anything that you repeat and you repeat and you repeat, you get a groove in your brain and your system. Then a new belief system comes in when you program your mind.

So when you have programmed your mind that Consciousness is the Creator and then I am That I am, your I am ness, your Great Affirmativeness, your I am is no different than the Universe's I am and that is what it is all about.

As the Macrocosm, so the Microcosm. The spark of the blaze has all the qualities of the blaze. A drop of the ocean has all the qualities of the ocean. So the bigger and the smaller I am - not smaller in capacity but in the concept where we can believe it.

I am, Aham Brahmasmi, I am, I create. Brahma means Creator. That meditation the Masters taught them to their students and that is called japa. Japa means continually repeating it. Repeating it and repeating it and becomes you....I am that I am.

When you do that you lose all your sense of limitations and you exactly find your identity, not by theory, but by clear understanding. Then you become silent. Then you lose all fear, all anxiety. Anxiety is caused by uncertainty of the future.

All anxiety is gone because your future is under your control because your future is designed by you, your Consciousness, of what you image, what you see.

Right now what we image is what can go wrong. Instead we will image what we want to have in our life. That is what the purpose of the meditation is.

Why there are 6 Tracks...

The first track is Consciousness is the Creator which tells you that everything in this world is Consciousness and Consciousness Creates. You cannot create anything without Consciousness. Life is being; it is the experiences of states of Consciousness.

Everything that you touch, feel, see, smell, are conscious of. What you are not conscious of does not exist for you.

So Consciousness is the Creator and even today Quantum Physics  talks about Consciousness creates reality. That means what you are conscious of becomes your reality.

The next track is That Thou Art.

It means everything is Consciousness. Thou means Consciousness; it is a reverential way of treating everything as Consciousness - thou.

Everything that you see, touch, smell, taste, hear is Consciousness. So you become One. Everything comes out of this one thing and you become one and immerse yourself with one.

So you understand there is no difference between you, the grass, the tree, anybody that you see in front of you - we are all one like many waves in the ocean but all the waves are still the ocean. They have different size of waves, different ripples, different structures, different speeds of the waves but they are still the ocean and that is That That Art.

Then the Third Proclamation is My Consciousness Creates and I am Consciousness.

The Fourth Proclamation says I am that I am. It is Aham Brahmasmi. I create.

So whatever you are conscious of, you are creating. Every thought creates. It is programmed inside you continuously with the music.

That music is specially designed to coincide with every note and tells you how the creation is done.

The third track that you are individualized Universe and Individual means indivisible yet it seems to be separate by you are not.  You are one, you are a wave in the ocean but you are no different than the ocean. Just the difference in the name - calling it a wave or calling it an ocean.

The fourth track is complete merger and you become one with everything; I am. That means I am....whatever you say after I am is yours.

Then the fifth track is continuous play of the music of the cosmos and the Consciousness Rising with all the 4 Proclamations (Meditations)

The sixth track gives you the music only without the words and when you hear it the words will come from within you. Sometimes when you are meditating and you just want to feel all the Four Proclamations (Meditations) within you just turn it on, just sit down in a chair and light up a candle or light up the room. You will become involved with the music and you can feel your journey into the Cosmos.

In success,

Tulshi Sen

Each note depicts each phase of our life.
Not sequentially, but in at- once- ness

The Notes

The first note gives us the cognizance of our infinite capacity.

We become carefree because we are in this note at unity with the Universe. It is omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence and infinite. No impending danger intimidates us. Danger in front of us is the beckoning of success by recognizing our own power of infinitude. It is a flat intonation.

The second note is the same note as the first but it is sharp.

It is like an arrow concentrating all the power in it on the arrow head. That's the microcosm; what we are. We realize our individuation; we see  and feel the Universe in the individual. This note is a sharp concentration of the first note. We see ourselves as the messenger of the Universe; proclaiming the Universe's desire and housing it in our individuality. (All desires originate from Unity, good or bad)

The third note is the power and substance with which we formulate and carry our desires to the fourth note of Imagination, of Creative Imagination.

Imagination is the eye of our Consciousness with which we break down all the walls of limitations.

The fifth note, we organize the imagination into a vision and rule our vision of our life.

The sixth note, we connect with the macrocosm, with the Universe, and revel in total reliance on the Universe to connect us with all the thoughts that we need to think, with all the substance of the Universe and guidance that we need to proceed to the seventh note.

The seventh note inspires in us the power to side step or reject the temptation of reliance on anything else but the One Power which resides in us in its entirety, the power of the Universe, the power that creates all things without hands and feet.

The Eighth note makes us realize that we have created a field, a field of our vision, with all the pairs of opposites which we need to have manifestation. All manifestation needs polarity.

The Ninth note puts our intuition in touch with the energy of the Universe which we can tap into with our heart and dominate our world; take control of our animal power in us.

The tenth note we realize that we are the light, the energy, and we have to climb and embrace our Consciousness and climb all alone. At this stage our Consciousness has overcome all pain and the Master of wisdom waits to embrace us.

The eleventh note we see the mechanism of creation out of no-thing. All things are from One Thing by adaptation. We see the application of creation in our individuality.

The twelfth note we feel liberated. We become balanced. Our desire-force rules our innate power to bring the desire into reality before it is reality for our senses. We are guided and goaded by our pain to walk the path of success and live a life of bliss and complete fearlessness. We see the same pain that we had rejected before help us to overcome all pain. We experience timelessness.

The thirteenth note we feel one with the Universe. We feel free. We feel fearless. We feel our capacity. We feel our total reliance on our Consciousness. All the idiosyncrasies of our personality fades away.

The Fourteenth note we expunge all impurities of the mind that makes us rely on circumstances. Instead, we become fully immersed in our renewal. We are transformed.

The fifteenth note we become tempered, tested and ready to release ourselves with the sixteenth note from the shackles of the external world to engage in laughter and joy. To realize we are no longer dependent on anything else but our Consciousness.

At this we go to the seventeenth note where our Consciousness reverses totally from past limitations. Like a lightening flash, we awaken from dependency to supremacy of our Consciousness.

Eighteenth note we become balanced, patient, no tension. we know we can wait and it will come. If we think it, it is ours.

Nineteenth note we realize who we are and we start our journey back home to our hearts where we live and are not aware of. We live in this external world knowing that all our sustenance comes from the One Power.  We live in the world but are not of the world. Our world is our Consciousness. Our home is our Consciousness.

Twentieth note we become like children, playful, happy, anxiety free, fear-free, full of laughter and games in everything we do, we have fun. We become childlike yet couldn't be more mature.

Twenty first note we resurrect ourselves. We hear the call of our Consciousness. Staying in this world, enjoying the marrow of life without anxiety knowing who we are.

Twenty second note we become the cosmic dancer. We do the cosmic dance in our hearts and mind. True happiness is ours. We live in bliss and the world belongs to us and we don't belong to the world. We are administrators of our world.

Each of these notes brings these 22 energies of the circle of life.

This music has the Four Mahavakyam Meditations embedded in it. You can listen to it one at a time. There are 6 tracks. The sixth track has no Mahavakyam or Proclamation Meditation; it is straight 22 notes for 22 minutes.

You can choose which music you want to wake up to.

Many people wake up to the music of the cosmos in the morning and meditate with it at night and the morning.

These 22 notes are a full circle. The circle is made up of 22 units in the circumference and 7 units in the diameter. The 7 units in the diameter are the 7 nerve centers in our body which is the distributor of the power to the circumference which is 22 units. And the 22 units is our lifestyle.

These 22 notes represent the 22 aspects of our life.

These 22 aspects is the entirety of our consciousness.

Listening to this music stills the mind to raise the consciousness, to stop the chatter of the mind Where we can see ourselves clearly, reflected in our heart.

This is beyond words, words form limitations. Music is the only language that shatters limitations.

These 22 notes transforms the mind by renewing it with the realization that it is all power and all peace. Peace and power are inseparable.

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