Practicing The Four Proclamations

Consciousness Rising & Awakening Music

The Art of Meditation

The Practice of the Ancient Secrets of Success

Success in life is to take control of your thinking process. To think the thoughts you want to think and bring them into physical manifestation.

These Four Proclamations will give you the awareness of your relationship with the Universe and its grand manifestation. You will begin to know who you are and realize your own authority over your life.

The Four Proclamations can release the mind from the shackles of the intellect. These four eternal truths can free the mind from past conditioning, the limitations of the present circumstances and the fear of the future.

These Proclamations can give you the ability to think out of the box and to realize the Truth, the Truth that will set you free to be what you want to be.

Music is the Universal Language

It is the language of nature and the Cosmos.

It is the language which animals, plants, stones and humans feel and respond to.

It pierces through our mind into our heart and brings us back to an awareness that supersedes all comprehension.

In the ancient times, Orpheus, the heavenly musician played his lyre and all the animals, plants and trees were enchanted and he could communicate with them through his music.

Letter from the Author and Composer

Creativity Is Our Natural Condition

From childhood we have been conditioned to the fact that we are a limited human being.

Our capacity is limited, though in every tradition we are told we are divine and we know divinity cannot be limited.

But our divinity has been restricted to the body and as such we have been limited in our thinking and to our circumstances which is our world. We feel we can only be, do and have what our circumstances and our conditions will allow us.

The purpose of this meditation is to transcend that.

No amount of knowledge and discussions can help us to break free from our dependency on our circumstances and conditions. We remain in bondage of our past.

The only way to transcend it is not by reading more about it but by programming our mind to who we really are.

Like Pindar a great poet 2600 years ago says, "Know who you are and then be who you are".

The Vedic philosophy says you are the Creator

Professor Elmer Gates made an experiment that anything that you repeat and you repeat and you repeat, you get a groove in your brain and your system. Then a new belief system comes in when you program your mind.

So when you have programmed your mind that Consciousness is the Creator and then I am That I am, your I am ness, your Great Affirmativeness, your I am is no different than the Universe's I am and that is what it is all about.

As the Macrocosm, so the Microcosm. The spark of the blaze has all the qualities of the blaze. A drop of the ocean has all the qualities of the ocean. So the bigger and the smaller I am - not smaller in capacity but in the concept where we can believe it.

I am, Aham Brahmasmi, I am, I create. Brahma means Creator. That meditation the Masters taught them to their students and that is called japa. Japa means continually repeating it. Repeating it and repeating it and becomes you....I am that I am.

When you do that you lose all your sense of limitations and you exactly find your identity, not by theory, but by clear understanding. Then you become silent. Then you lose all fear, all anxiety. Anxiety is caused by uncertainty of the future.

All anxiety is gone because your future is under your control because your future is designed by you, your Consciousness, of what you image, what you see.

Right now what we image is what can go wrong. Instead we will image what we want to have in our life. That is what the purpose of the meditation is.

Why there are 4 Tracks...

The first track is Consciousness is the Creator which tells you that everything in this world is Consciousness and Consciousness Creates. You cannot create anything without Consciousness. Life is being; it is the experiences of states of Consciousness.

Everything that you touch, feel, see, smell, are conscious of. What you are not conscious of does not exist for you.

So Consciousness is the Creator and even today Quantum Physics  talks about Consciousness creates reality. That means what you are conscious of becomes your reality.

The next track is That Thou Art.

It means everything is Consciousness. Thou means Consciousness; it is a reverential way of treating everything as Consciousness - thou.

Everything that you see, touch, smell, taste, hear is Consciousness. So you become One. Everything comes out of this one thing and you become one and immerse yourself with one.

So you understand there is no difference between you, the grass, the tree, anybody that you see in front of you - we are all one like many waves in the ocean but all the waves are still the ocean. They have different size of waves, different ripples, different structures, different speeds of the waves but they are still the ocean and that is That That Art.

Then the Third Proclamation is My Consciousness Creates and I am Consciousness.

The Fourth Proclamation says I am that I am. It is Aham Brahmasmi. I create.

So whatever you are conscious of, you are creating. Every thought creates. It is programmed inside you continuously with the music.

That music is specially designed to coincide with every note and tells you how the creation is done.

The third track that you are individualized Universe and Individual means indivisible yet it seems to be separate by you are not.  You are one, you are a wave in the ocean but you are no different than the ocean. Just the difference in the name - calling it a wave or calling it an ocean.

The fourth track is complete merger and you become one with everything; I am. That means I am....whatever you say after I am is yours.


In success,

Tulshi Sen

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