It pays to know how to buy experience

There is a saying fools learn from their own experience; the wise from others experience.

Whose experience are you learning from?

All successful people cashed in on other’s experience. The mind is a trickster. The mind loves to trick you into making your ego say, “I don’t need any of this stuff”.

It has been telling me all this time, year after year, month after month, and you have a vision which is like a receding horizon, you can’t reach it.

The only way to reach it is by mastering the mind and holding the vision before it slips away from you.

No amount of reading and theorizing can do it; no amount of reading and theorizing can even develop courage in you. Lack of courage is the biggest obstacle to success; to riches and fortune.

Prosperity and anxiety are a deadly mix. People who are prosperous without mastering the mind are anxious people. You have to have both. You may say give me prosperity now and I will worry about anxiety free life later. Sad thing is, if you have prosperity and not an anxiety free life you will lose your prosperity faster than you think.

You will become desperate; a hollow victory. Mastering the mind with the Four Ancient Secrets is the key and the practice of it makes you successful in whatever you want to do.