Exclusive gift for students of the UNBC Spirituality and Social Work Class

Tulshi Sen Consulting is pleased to provide the following complimentary download of  "The Yantra" and accompanying "Timeless Art of Meditation" Audio, for the students of the UNBC Spirituality and Social Work Class with Dr. Indrani Margolin

The Yantra

The Yantra system trains your mind to break free from all limitations. It gives you back your own original power to be what you want to be, to do what you want to do, and to have what you want to have.

This system of meditation transports the individual into the depths of their Consciousness. Into the freedom of their Being and set visions and goals from the Absolute.

The intention is to free the mind and get out of the box of past conditioning and create new states and new conditions in harmony with the new Being. 

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When you optin you will also be welcomed To The World Of Ancient Secrets Of Success with a 3 part audio series:

How Do I Stop Those Negative Thoughts Invading My Mind?

The 3 Kinds Of Thinkers.

The Worm thinker, the Fly thinker and the Bee Thinker. This life changing audio will give the listener insight into how we think and how to take corrective measures with Mahavakyam Meditation and Ancient Secrets of Success.