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There Are Three Kinds Of Thinkers. Which One Are You?

"Like Breathing Thinking cannot be avoided....

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Dear Success Builder,

Like Breathing Thinking cannot be avoided.

Breath and Thought is life. We are what we think. All great literature and teachings boil down to only one thing. They teach us that our life depends on our thought.

It is important we guard our thoughts from thoughts of worry and all that can go wrong with us. But How? It is easy to say it sometimes seems impossible to do.

Worry Thoughts and All the Negative Thoughts when they come - they come like Eczema. We can't stop from itching and scratching it. It hurts and sometimes bleeds and spreads all over our Being. It takes over. Yet ironically we feel secure and comfortable chewing on the cud of our worry thoughts like a cow in the pasture.

We don't seem to look for solutions and just keep on worrying. We seem to worry always on Auto Pilot.

We must do something about it and the Ancients 3000 years ago gave us the formula of how to combat this deadly monster called ‘worry’.

Part 3 of this audio series takes you into a thought journey of how to think thoughts that YOU WANT to THINK and not those worry thoughts that invade your life.

When you can’t control or choose your thoughts and those negative worry thoughts take over we can't even taste our food or hear our children sing and play.

You can get rid of it. That is if you want to work on it.

It works if you work it. You have to work on it though. Ignore it at your own peril.

These Ancient Secrets have been passed down to us from time immemorial why not use it?
Down load the Part 3 and do listen to it over and over again and practice the instructions given.

To your success,

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"How Do I Stop Those Negative Thoughts Invading My Mind" below...