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There Are Three Kinds Of Thinkers. Which One Are You?

"Your Success Depends Entirely On How You Think And Nothing Else"

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Dear Success Builder,

The secret is to think only the thoughts we want to think and not the thoughts that are invading our minds which only tell us why we can't do a thing. What can go wrong.

Thinking is spontaneous. Thinking must be controlled. You have to put your mind in gear before you think.

The Ancient Secrets of Success is the gear for the mind so you can only think the thoughts that you want to think.

We live in a thought Universe, everything is thought and every moment we think. Success in anything depends on how we think about it. This series is the beginning of your journey of success.

The music "Consciousness Rising" keeps your thought vibrations on track. Music is the Universal language. Stones, plants, animals and Humans all understand one language - the language of music. The Universe is vibration. Matter is vibration and music is vibration.

Music bypasses the chatter of the mind and enters the heart to stop our mind racing against the rushing river of our daily life and puts us back in our space. We shall still chop wood and carry water but serenely and peacefully.

This music is based on thousands of years of experience in meditation of the teachers of East and West. You will experience it as soon as you listen to it. Most people hear music but this music will make you listen to your heart and find your heart's desire, if you just listen and keep on listening.

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Part 2 of 3, "How Do I Stop Those Negative Thoughts Invading My Mind" below...