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The Four Secrets That Made Commoners into Kings & Queens and the Poor Rich

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What STOPS  us from being successful?

How to overcome poverty consciousness; both the rich and the poor
are infected with the video below

Everything we have Now we have it
because we visioned it.

Why can't we hold a vision of what we want and
not what we don't want?

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How to change your life with Ancient Secrets of Success

13 Reasons Why You Should Watch This Video
And Change Your Life Now

  1. This webinar will lead you step by step into how to dissolve stress with the Four Proclamation Meditation.
  2. Then it will lead you by the hand into the Four Steps to Visualization and Manifesting Your Vision in the shortest possible time.
  3. Then it will take you into the real secret of Meditation, the Four Steps to the Ancient System of Meditation.
  4. This Ancient system of Meditation can be applied in the work place, at home and anywhere. How you can even meditate in the midst of your busy life.
  5. This webinar will show you how stress is playing havoc in our lives and how you can get rid of it with the disciplines of the Ancient Secrets. Easy to perform and it has worked for thousands of years.
  6. These secrets have been with us for 3,000 years and have sustained the scrutiny of time.
  7. This system works if you work it.
  8. This webinar will show you why you have not been able to really set the Vision from your Soul and settled for what is available.
  9. It will reveal to you why you have settled for what you think you can have and not desire beyond your present conditions.
  10. More than that, it will guide you step by step into the next level of living and aspiring. And not settle to live out the rest of your life the way it is going now.
  11. Watch this Webinar and change your life now in these few minutes and life will never be the same again. You will feel the urge of a greater life of love, romance and riches.
  12. You will realize it is yours for the asking. You will raise your belief level to the level of your aspirations.
  13. In this webinar you will hear stories and secrets about yourself. This webinar will be the mirror of your Self and you will see yourself and make all the changes that you want.
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It Is Useless To Read A Book On Success If We Don’t Have Control Over Our Mind

If I cannot think the thoughts that I want to think, I have no control over my life.
All the secrets of success are everywhere. Then why aren’t we all successful?
Success cannot be taught; success has to be awakened

Dear Friend,

I have read the best books on success. Like you I too was aching to take charge of my life financially, and socially. I wanted to be rich, to have romance and travel around the world.

It was an uphill climb till I got the secret. The secret of success is not knowing the law of attraction or how to create a vision. They are just necessary tools to get what you want. The secret is knowing how to make your mind only think the thoughts that you want to think.

The same way knowing the law of gravity did not help mankind to fly. The secret of flying is in knowing aerodynamics. The plane does not fly, it speeds ahead. The wind holds it up. The pilot says “lift off” and then we become airborne.

The same way you can read “Think and Grow Rich” and many have read this most magnificent book and have become rich …..but millions of others all over the world have read the book and did not become rich. I searched for the answer, why?

The answer… is in developing our ability to hold onto one thought whenever we want to. To be able to think the thoughts we want to think and not the thoughts that we don’t want to think.

Most of us cannot hold onto one thought for more than 39 seconds, if we are good! We call them fly thinkers. They will flit their thoughts from place to place just to survive. Like a fly can sit on dog poo and the next second it can sit on a fruit or a desert and then on your face.

Don’t laugh… this is exactly how our mind thinks. My teacher used to say, “our mind is like the fly with a thousand eyes. It looks everywhere at the same time. Cannot stay focused. Cannot concentrate. Then what use is it to read all these great books on self help books like Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich? They are the best books that I have read and I would recommend them for you to read.

Unless you can take charge of your mind and become a “bee thinker” you cannot collect the honey of life from the blossoms of the world.

My teacher use to tell me, “become a bee thinker. A bee goes to the flower and goes back to its hive. It only sticks to one flower at a time. If it goes to the marigold, it will stick to all marigolds and no other flower. Remember, that it is the bee that collects the honey. We take care of bees.

To think only the thoughts you want to think is the power that we are all looking for. That power cannot be gained by learning. It can only be awakened in us. That is why we call it the awakening.

The Ancient Secrets of Success has 2 parts:

The first part is a manual of instruction of how to activate the most powerful software in the world that was installed at birth in you.

The second part of the book is how to run the software which has been pre-installed.

Then there are 2 suites of music. They are the anti-virus and firewall for your mind.
This package is as ancient as time. It has been used by great soldiers, generals, masters, all across the world.

This secret has no geographical boundaries. This has been passed on from the teacher to the pupil for more than five thousand years.

You too can activate your pre-installed software at birth and make your life a happy one.

And of course, you too then can use the secrets of the law of attraction to attract anything you want. But without this system, it will be a steep, slippery climb to the peak.
You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. You can gain a whole new life.

In today’s economy, we’re all being forced to maximize our time and increase our productivity like never before. To help with this daunting task, we’re incredibly excited to introduce Ancient Secrets of Success.

In success,


What the Author Tulshi Sen has to say
about Ancient Secrets...

"The Four Eternal Principles are a no brainer"

“There is no mystery, we’re all already operating under these principles as we speak, and it is what has brought everything into our lives up to this very moment.  I’ve taken the steps and broken them down to help people not just create a vision for their lives, but to actually manifest their visions,” says Sen with conviction."

Preparation For Success

Success in life is to take control of your thinking process. To think the thoughts you want to think and bring them into physical manifestation.

These Four Proclamations will give you the awareness of your relationship with the Universe and its grand manifestation. You will begin to know who you are and realize your own authority over your life.

Would You Drive A Ferrari Without Brakes?

Nothing affects us more than our mind. When we are in control of our mind we are in control of our life. Are we in control of our mind as much as we would like to be? How do we control our mind?

The process and the method of practice to train the mind to follow your command can be easily achieved by following the practice as given in Part Two of Ancient Secrets of Success. These practices and methods have been tested and tried for thousands of years very successfully. It is ageless and works without fail. If you work it.


“…what we fear and doubt are merely thoughts and we have the ability to overcome them,”

The most common themes experienced by people are fear and doubt about their lives, jobs and well being.  In Ancient Secrets of Success, the book delves into the subject of fear and doubt and how to manage ourselves to better focus on visioning our desires.  “Fear and doubt are merely thoughts that can lead to anxiety that manifests into stress which then manifests into something real.  The point is that what we fear and doubt are merely thoughts and we have the ability to overcome them.  Why not re-focus that same mental capacity for fear and doubt into something we want and take control of the outcomes of our lives?”

“Meditation is for everyone, not just sages and yogis on mountain tops"

The applications of the ‘ancient secrets’ is part of a meditation program written with detailed instructions, in the book.  Meditation is an everyday part of Sen’s life and is something that he believes will help people in deal with the ‘negative chatter’ in our minds.

“Meditation is for everyone, not just sages and yogis on mountain tops.  Western science is only now touting the benefits of meditation for stress reduction in people with both physical and mental ailments.”

What Kind Of Thinker Are You?

Worm, Fly or Bee Thinker? Find out the difference in this short clip.

You have to understand the secret behind all secrets is to be able to think the thoughts you want to think and not the thoughts that you don’t want to think. And you can only have that ability if you practice the meditation on the Four Proclamations day in and day out.


Consciousness Is The Thinker, not the Mind

The Ancient teachings and traditions have this one aim, to control the mind. The Vedas of India give step by step instructions of how you can practice and achieve control of your mind. In Part 2 of Ancient Secrets this practice has been distilled and presented to you so that you can take charge of your own life.


“Our mind can be our prison, or it can be the wings that give us flight to soar..”

In a market inundated with self-help books claiming to reveal life changing secrets, Sen is aware of the nature of a doubtful public.  Too many readers have found themselves excited by the concept of the ‘law of attraction’, then have found themselves fizzling in enthusiasm due to a lack of practical guidance. “I didn’t write this book to cash in on a trend, I wrote this book to teach people how to make use of simple practices to harness the power of their mind,” explains Sen. ”

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Success is a practice... practice the unfailing 3,500 success system of the Ancients

  • The Four Proclamations Unveiled

  • Four Steps To Meditation

  • Four Steps to Visioning and Manifesting the Vision

Here's What You Get With these Three Thousand year old Secrets:

  • Gives you control and command over your own thoughts to manifest your vision regardless of your circumstances
  • Leads you through the 4 steps of Visioning and Manifesting the Vision
  • Shows you how to vision from the limitlessness of your Consciousness rather than from the limitations of your mind
  • Transforms your life and brings the power of silence and the peace of a still lake amidst the pace of today’s hurried world
  • You can think out of the box and take command and control of your life
  • You will enjoy the serenity of meditation while engaged in your daily work

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1.    Origin and Source of the Secrets Revealed
The Author’s Note

2.    True Success and Mistaken Success
What Is Success?

3.    Life is a Touchstone
The Story of How Success is Rejected

4.    Ancient Secrets of Success
The Antidote for Anxiety and Doubt

5.    The Story of the Frog of the Well and the Frog of the Ocean
How We Form Limitations and Break Free From Limitations

6.    The Everyday Magic of Creating from No-Thing
The Substance of Your Personal Creative Power that Gets You What You Want

7.    The Story of the Scorpion and the Frog
How We Sting Success When it Stares Us in the Face

8.    Why Can’t We Hold a Vision and Manifest the Vision?

9.    The Story of The Wish Fulfilling Tree –
How to Guard the Self-Sabotaging Mind

10.    Centering Yourself for Success
How We Create and Change Our Circumstances



11.    The Practice of the Ancient Secrets of Success
The Essential Insights

12.    Crossing Over to Success
Transcending Theory and Entering into Wisdom

The Story of the Lion Cub Who Was Raised by Goats
How We Deny Our Identity and Stay Ordinary

The Story of Crossing the River
How We Miss Out On the Subtleties of Success

13.    The Secret of all Secrets for Success
The Unfailing System of Success of The Ancients Revealed through the Four Proclamations

14.    How to Take Control of the Mind With the Power of the Four Proclamations

15.    The Four Proclamations Unveiled

16.    The Story of the Walled City

How a Successful Man Relates to His Environment

17.    Meditation and Visualization in the Success Process
What the Ancient Masters Taught Their Students

18.    The Art of Meditation
Silencing the Internal Chatter of the Mind

19.    How to Vision and Manifest the Vision

20.    Four Steps to Visioning
How to Vision and Get What You Want

21.    The Story of Two Birds
A Love Story of the Soul and the Mind

22.    Awakening from the Self Imposed Dream


The Longing of the Unlit Lamp

I can’t help but laugh when
I hear the fish in the water is thirsty
–  Kabir Sahib

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything in my schedule is about maximizing time. How can I sit and meditate and practice success?

This is a chronic problem of today's world. Today's currency is time more than money. Bill Gates, the President of the USA, the factory worker and a sales person all have one thing in common... they all have 24 hours in a day.

It is how you handle yourself, handle your belief level and your expectation level. How much you believe in synchronicity. How much you believe that it is not hard work that makes you money.

It is true understanding of your power and your ability to tap into the infinite power that you have come out of that will relieve you from such state of being captured by time.

I work all day long and I find myself in a 70 to 90 hour work week, where would I get the time to do all this practice?

The secret is how to tap into the power of the universe and how to enter your consciousness to realize it is not how many hours you work that makes the difference, it is what is your belief level. That is what makes the difference.

Through The Ancient Secrets of Success system of meditation you will penetrate in to your heart to realize that you don't have to work those long hours to make a living. This is the most beautiful part of this program- you can meditate while you work, walk... you can meditate a few minutes a day in the park, in the office, in the living room and practice your success system.

I want to be rich and I don't believe with my present qualifications, experience and my ability I can be rich. If I don't believe I can be rich why would I want to spend my money and my time?

Raising your belief level and expectation level is the practice of success. as you believe so you are. We are the sum total of our beliefs. All the great teachers of the world said as you believe so you are. Your success will depend on you raising your belief level.

The Ancient Secrets of Success system is the tool through which you raise your belief level to dizzying heights you could not imagine before. No amount of reading, discussion or talking can make us believe. It is through practice of meditation and knowing who we are, how much power we have that will raise our belief level.

The Ancient Secrets of Success practice is to raise your belief level. Success is equated with your belief level. As the great Napoleon Hill taught us “anything the mind can believe and conceive it can achieve”. Your question validates that. And the answer is that only through meditation can you raise your belief level and transcend your present state of mind. Then only can you have those peak experiences of success.

How much more money or success will this program really make me?

Success cannot be quantified by anyone else but the person who is defining their success.
This system will give you the practice to raise your belief level to your expectation level. Success is in belief. As you believe so you are as all the teachers have always said without exception.

This meditation shows you how to tap into your infinite power to get ideas you could not have got before.
This system is as ancient as time is; recorded history shows that it has been in use as early as 2500 BC. It has taken all the tests of time and still proven to be a success system. So how much money and how much wealth you will make will totally be up to your expectation, belief level, and how much you practice.

What is the difference between this Success system of practicing success and all the other systems? Is this another system that I will go to and get excited and end up with nothing? Why should I go and spend more of my money and time with your organization?

You can read a book on success and by the time you get to the second chapter you will have forgotten most of the first chapter. You can read all you want, you can listen all you want ... you will know more, but that will not make any difference in your life.

Your mind will still be reacting to your present circumstances and producing desires to avoid pain and eke out a little bit of pleasure here and there. If books could teach you to be successful and attending seminars could make you successful then the world would have no problems.

This Ancient Success System is special because it gives you the tools of meditation and the meditation to unlock your innate abilities and shows you how you create from idea to the thing. From the idea to the circumstance. Not only that, it also makes you tap into your infinite power to imagine and then formulate a desire which you could not have desired before.

I cannot meditate. I don’t like it, I find it difficult? How will this program help me?

We all meditate. We meditate now. Meditation is a flow of energy on an idea or a thing. Now most people are meditating on failure. How to run away from debts is their meditation. This program is going to help you to meditate on the right things. You will be given a system through which you can focus, concentrate, pay attention, have prolonged concentration and finally absorption with your vision.

Everybody meditates to earn their food. A cat when it pounces on a bird focuses attention on the bird and becomes still and becomes one with the bird before it jumps and gets it with certainty. We have to practice meditation to be successful, to be able to stay in our belief and expectation level and not be distracted by all the negativity that invades us through all the media.

And this tool will give everybody that practices this meditation system the power to stay focused.

An animal meditates, a bird meditates, a human meditates whether they know it or not. Meditation is prolonged concentration on an object or a thing or a thought.

Is there a guarantee of my success if I take this program?

There is no guarantee. Nobody can guarantee anybody else’s success. We all go to universities, colleges, schools to get a job but the universities, schools and colleges do not guarantee that the graduates will get a job or they will get their money back.

I already have a success system that is working for me, so why do I need this one?

You should stay with your system if it is working for you. But if you are interested to know if there is a better system, an easier system, it might be worth your while to come to this Ancient Success System … and all you will be investing is your time, and the fees for the book.

You may find that it is worth your while; we don’t know what system you are using now and how much hard labor, effort and stress it takes. We can tell you that this is a meditation that takes stress out of your life.

In most systems pursuing success is a stressful occupation. This is the opposite. It is meditation, reliance on the self. You will see what you want to see with this system. Wouldn’t it be a better proposition to come to the seminar? All successful people investigate and look for better possibilities. The success system that you are currently using will certainly encourage you to pursue looking into the possibility of other systems.

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