Ancient Secrets of Success

Ancient Secrets of Success For Today’s World

The Success System of The Ancients Revealed Through The Four Proclamations

  • Demolishes the myth that success requires back-breaking work and wearisome effort
  • Answers why can’t we hold a vision and manifest the vision
  • Shows four steps to visioning and manifesting the vision
  • Reveals the art of meditation to silence the internal chatter of the mind to be whatever you want to be

Authentic Self


Through science, myths, and stories the reader will be guided to enter into the spirit of life and live like they have never lived before. Life will no longer be an endurance test but will become an enchantment.


We can read all the self help books and participate in powerful seminars in visioning and manifesting the vision but it would not be effective if we don’t know who is visioning.


Who am I? What are my powers? How my visioning will manifest? What is this all about?


Our ability to use our computer is directly proportional to our knowledge of the operating system we are using. We must understand the operating system to produce our vision to manifestation in the shortest way efficiently.


Most of us know a piece of the operating system and what we need to do, like write a letter as we had with our typewriter before. Instead of using white out we use delete buttons. We have spell checkers etc. We feel thrilled and feel powerful. Same way after we read a good book or see a video or hear an audio.


Then there are people who know the operating system and have complete mastery over their writing, with autoresponders, editing suites and all the short cuts to produce a masterpiece.


Most of us are in first category. We know how to do certain functions mechanically and do it with out knowing the operating system. We get results and feel great. We don’t still have control over the computer and we use a fraction of our capabilities. We get scraps of food and not the banquet.


We try to trick our mind by continuously repeating our affirmations without knowing the operating system of the mind and get some jobs done. It is a constant struggle.


Ancient Secrets of Success 4 Today’s World ingrains in us the operating system. It is simple, easy and imperishable. Knowing these secrets and embodying these secrets which proclaim our identity and relationship with the Universe gives us mastery over our lives.


We know who is visioning


We know what is the stuff of visioning. We know how the vision manifests so that our five senses can be engaged to relish it.


The Ancients thought out and did not compose these secrets into formulas for any marketing purpose. They were genuine and they themselves went through rigorous practice and proved it upon themselves and taught their students.


Step By Step Guidance

A whole new world awaits the reader who practices these four Ageless Secrets. They have sustained the ravages of scrutiny of the ages, since the beginning of civilization, and are Universal. They transcend all cultural and social borders. It is easy to practice and imperishable. It Works.


“Ancient Secrets of Success is for those who at times feel trapped and see no way out”


The Author guides you step-by-step in applying these principles so that you can build relationships and health, happiness and well being, peace and abundance.


Tulshi Sen gives the keys to these Ancient Secrets of Success as he has received them from the Master who initiated him into the mysticism of the East and West.


Ancient Secrets of Success is for those who at times feel trapped and see no way out; whether they are surrounded by prosperity and want more from life or are in search of prosperity to complete their life.


It is for those who want to live a life of abundance, without hard work, and without the deafening tumult of anxiety that so often accompanies the search for prosperity. The Ancient Secrets bring both abundance and joy as they are both necessary for a full and a complete life.


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The Four Steps to Visioning and Manifesting Your Vision

Excerpt from Chapter 4

You will be shown how your vision goes through four steps as it manifests. These four steps don’t happen as your intellect expects they would. You will experience conscious control of your Vision. These Four Steps do not take place sequentially but are an at-once-ness.


“Having the knowledge and the wisdom of the Secrets gives you power over your circumstances. ”


Whether you are aware of it or not, this process is operating in your world this very moment and has brought you everything that is in your life today.


By knowing and applying the Four Steps to Visioning and Manifesting Your Vision, you can take control of your life.


Having the knowledge and the wisdom of the Secrets gives you power over your circumstances. You become the Master of your life, the commander of your mind. You live in constant bliss, transcending pain and pleasure and all the pairs of opposites.


The Ancient Secrets assure more than just success. They give more than a sure-fire method of setting and manifesting goals. They give you back control of your life so that you Master it. That is true success, a process done in perfect bliss and without exertion.


The Antidote for Anxiety and Doubt

Anxiety and doubt are the viruses which disintegrate your Vision before it even gets a chance to be firmly formed in your mind. Anxiety and doubt are like parasites that suck out all the marrow of life.


When they get a grip on us, they paralyze our ability to think creatively. We cannot think the thoughts that we want to think.


We only permit ourselves to dwell on thoughts that keep on perpetuating our anxiety and doubt. This is what we call worry. The memory bank crashes. Our feelings and all our senses become numb.


We seem to have become accustomed to living with worry. We don’t notice our anxiety and doubt most of the time.


“We only permit ourselves to dwell on thoughts that keep on perpetuating our anxiety and doubt.”


We seem to have accepted it as a part of our daily life. We don’t realize that we have enrolled in the biggest club of the world; the club of doubters, which governs our life.


That is why it is our responsibility to ask, What causes anxiety and doubt and worry? How do we uproot these monsters from our life? Anxiety and doubt are the cause of all our problems in life. The answer to these two questions is the heart of Ancient Secrets of Success.


When a thought emerges from your Consciousness the mind becomes the moderator of the thought. Prior to thought is feeling. Feeling is the basis of thought.


These  feelings are modified by your mind before you are allowed to accept these feelings. Anxiety is a feeling of not being able to accomplish your objectives. This is worry.


“Worry is nothing else but another vision of what you expect will happen to you.”


What is worry? Worry is nothing else but another vision of what you expect will happen to you. A worry does not live in the past or the present or in the future. It is. Worry is just another vision.


Ancient Secrets of Success gives you the insight of how you can take your current reliance from the mind to completely rely on your Consciousness. And give the mind its rightful place to serve you and not to be served by you.


Every thought is physical action. Thinking takes as much physical labor as it would to build a piece of furniture. Mental exhaustion is more intense than physical exhaustion.


Worry exhausts the individual and renders him powerless to face the day to day duties of life.


Your Consciousness is all powerful. All the power of the Universe, past, present and future, the power that created the sky, the earth, the galaxies, a grain of sand, a flower – is in you at this very moment.


You don’t need to go anywhere else for your building materials or the workforce to build your vision. You already have it.


When you are concerned about the fruits of your actions, of how your vision will manifest, you build a second vision on top of the original one. But this second vision paints a picture, showing how you won’t get what you want, and how you won’t receive what you originally asked for.


This new picture overpowers the first one and erases it before your original vision even had a chance to take shape.


To be concerned about the future, to be anxious about the process of how your vision is going to manifest, is creating an intention to fail. This is called attachment. You cannot figure the process out. Your mind can only see the past.


If your Consciousness can vision it, you must know that Consciousness at the same time knows how to manifest it. Your job at this point is to stay out of the way of the Universe to bring your vision into manifestation.


“Expect it as you would expect the sun to rise tomorrow.”


You need to carry on with your present work diligently with the full assurance that you will get what you have visioned.


Expect it as you would expect the sun to rise tomorrow. It is not make-believe, because you know the reasons why you will have it. Ancient Secrets of Success gives you the tools to live in this state of Consciousness.


You will be given meditations that will free your mind from your attachment to the process. You will know the Infinitude of Consciousness. You will be given the insight into the essence of the Ancient Secrets through Four Proclamations which have parallels in Ancient Teachings across the world.


Your desire will manifest if you stay detached to the process; allow the Infinite Universe, which is individualized in you, to find the ways and means to bring you what you desire.


It will happen because your Consciousness already has it. Your Consciousness does not live in time and space. You are Consciousness.


We are at this moment not fully reliant on Consciousness. We cannot rely on our Consciousness partially. We must rely on our Consciousness completely or not at all.


Most of the time, we rely on our circumstances, conditions, and past experiences. Abundance and joy is our inheritance. Now we must reclaim our heritage by relying totally on Consciousness, the cause of everything moving and unmoving.


“Abundance and joy is our inheritance.”


The veil over your divinity will be rent apart with the meditation on the Four Proclamations and will cleanse your heart of doubt, fear and anxiety. You will learn to trust your Consciousness implicitly to manifest your vision.


The following story has been told a thousand times by Masters throughout the ages to reveal to us our state of mind before we knew the world of the Absolute and the Unconditioned. This story will be in your memory bank to guide you through when the virus of doubt and anxiety raises its ugly head.



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1.    Origin and Source of the Secrets Revealed
The Author’s Note


2.    True Success and Mistaken Success
What Is Success?

3.    Life is a Touchstone
The Story of How Success is Rejected


4.    Ancient Secrets of Success
The Antidote for Anxiety and Doubt


5.    The Story of the Frog of the Well and the Frog of the Ocean
How We Form Limitations and Break Free From Limitations


6.    The Everyday Magic of Creating from No-Thing
The Substance of Your Personal Creative Power that Gets You What You Want


7.    The Story of the Scorpion and the Frog
How We Sting Success When it Stares Us in the Face


8.    Why Can’t We Hold a Vision and Manifest the Vision?


9.    The Story of The Wish Fulfilling Tree –
How to Guard the Self-Sabotaging Mind


10.    Centering Yourself for Success
How We Create and Change Our Circumstances





11.    The Practice of the Ancient Secrets of Success
The Essential Insights


12.    Crossing Over to Success
Transcending Theory and Entering into Wisdom


The Story of the Lion Cub Who Was Raised by Goats
How We Deny Our Identity and Stay Ordinary


The Story of Crossing the River
How We Miss Out On the Subtleties of Success


13.    The Secret of all Secrets for Success
The Unfailing System of Success of The Ancients Revealed through the Four Proclamations


14.    How to Take Control of the Mind With the Power of the Four Proclamations


15.    The Four Proclamations Unveiled


16.    The Story of the Walled City

How a Successful Man Relates to His Environment


17.    Meditation and Visualization in the Success Process
What the Ancient Masters Taught Their Students


18.    The Art of Meditation
Silencing the Internal Chatter of the Mind


19.    How to Vision and Manifest the Vision


20.    Four Steps to Visioning
How to Vision and Get What You Want


21.    The Story of Two Birds
A Love Story of the Soul and the Mind


22.    Awakening from the Self Imposed Dream


The Longing of the Unlit Lamp



I can’t help but laugh when
I hear the fish in the water is thirsty
–  Kabir Sahib


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