It Is Useless To Read A Book On Success If We Don’t Have Control Over Our Mind?

If I cannot think the thoughts that I want to think, I have no control over my life.

All the secrets of success are everywhere. Then why aren’t we all successful?

Success cannot be taught, success has to be awakened

Dear Friend,

I have read the best books on success. Like you I too was aching to take charge of my life financially, and socially. I wanted to be rich, to have romance and travel around the world.

It was an uphill climb till I got the secret. The secret of success is not knowing the law of attraction or how to create a vision. They are just necessary tools to get what you want. The secret is knowing how to make your mind only think the thoughts that you want to think.

The same way knowing the law of gravity did not help mankind to fly. The secret of flying is in knowing aerodynamics. The plane does not fly, it speeds ahead. The wind holds it up. The pilot says “lift off” and then we become airborne.

The same way you can read “Think and Grow Rich” and many have read this most magnificent book and have become rich …..but millions of others all over the world have read the book and did not become rich. I searched for the answer, why?

The answer… is in developing our ability to hold onto one thought whenever we want to. To be able to think the thoughts we want to think and not the thoughts that we don’t want to think.

Most of us cannot hold onto one thought for more than 39 seconds, if we are good! We call them fly thinkers. They will flit their thoughts from place to place just to survive. Like a fly can sit on dog poo and the next second it can sit on a fruit or a desert and then on your face.

Don’t laugh… this is exactly how our mind thinks. My teacher use to say, “our mind is like the fly with a thousand eyes. It looks everywhere at the same time. Cannot stay focused. Cannot concentrate. Then what use is it to read all these great books on self help books like Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich? They are the best books that I have read and I would recommend them for you to read.

Unless you can take charge of your mind and become a “bee thinker” you cannot collect the honey of life from the blossoms of the world.

My teacher use to tell me, “become a bee thinker. A bee goes to the flower and goes back to its hive. It only sticks to one flower at a time. If it goes to the marigold, it will stick to all marigolds and no other flower. Remember, that it is the bee that collects the honey. We take care of bees.

To think only the thoughts you want to think is the power that we are all looking for. That power cannot be gained by learning. It can only be awakened in us. That is why we call it the awakening.

The Ancient Secrets of Success has 2 parts:

The first part is a manual of instruction of how to activate the most powerful software in the world that was installed at birth in you.

The second part of the book is how to run the software which has been pre-installed.

Then there are 2 suites of music. They are the anti-virus and firewall for your mind.

This package is as ancient as time. It has been used by great soldiers, generals, masters, all across the world.

This secret has no geographical boundaries. This has been passed on from the teacher to the pupil for more than five thousand years.

You too can activate your preinstalled software at birth and make your life a happy one. And of course, you too then you can use the secrets of the law of attrction to attract anything you want. But without this system, it will be a steep, slippery climb to the peak

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. You can gain a whole new life. When you buy this book, and if you don’t like it with 30 days, return the book if you bought the physical book or email to usif you bought the e-book just email us and we will return your money with no questions asked.

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