Health Care Navigating the Future™

The Complete Body Mind Intellect Empowerment Program For Health Care Service Providers for Today’s World

Maintenance of a Learning Organization and Team Building In These Fast Changing Fluidic Times

Personal & Social Transformation in the 21st Century For Health Service Providers

Empowerment, Self Esteem, Confidence Building & Organizational Learning and Ongoing Team Building

The Intention of the Program

This Curriculum will be a Team Building and Empowerment initiative for the existing staff to revitalize their Body Mind Spirit Balance.

This program will help the new managers who have got started and those who have already started.

1. The frontline health workers to handle their jobs more effectively.

2. To enrich their job by giving them the tools to empower their clients. These tools will also be continuously empowering the health care services providers themselves.

3. To be able to handle stress and anxiety, this is an integral part of their daily routine.

4. To be happy and be enthusiastic in their profession.

5. To build a team, a learning organization.

The Purpose of the Program

1. To enable the frontline health care service providers to:

a. Dispense health care service to their clients with reduced stress and strengthened mind body and intellect
b. To synchronize personal vision with shared vision of the organization
c. To work daily while being vision driven, both personal and organizational vision
d. To build a team and to connect with each member of the team to arrive at the vision of an anxiety free happy workplace.
e. To face the day to day challenges of the clients with total detachment so that effective care can be provided

2. To learn continuously for self-healing and service clients more effectively. To guide & teach their clients without being emotionally overloaded with the client’s issues

a. To be a leader…leaders are teachers

b. To be in control without controlling or being controlled

3. Finding Purpose.

To be able to build a vision for their life and be able to guide their clients to help build a vision.  To find Purpose one must seek answers to the following questions. These answers form the Touchstone of the life of the humankind for forming the true Vision of one’s  own life.

a. Who am I
b. What am I doing here
c. Where am I
d. Where am I going from here

The Methodology

Through holistic approach of body, mind, and intellect the participants will accomplish the following:

• The individual will be guided to formulate a Vision and Goals to accomplish the Vision of their life. They will be guided to create the blueprint for the rest of their life synchronized with the Vision of the Organization.

• They will be guided to rediscover themselves….to know themselves

• They will bring meaning back to their lives and their workplace

• They will fall in love with their Vision

• They will make peace with their past and be able to render professional service without emotional attachment

• They will synchronize their life with the world and keep up with the changes in this fast changing multi-tasking world

• They will learn to create time the most scarce commodity of today

• They will learn to see tomorrow open for them to fulfill their Vision and not be frightened by it….they will live in their today excited to walk into tomorrow

• They will learn to teach what they have learnt

• They will see life as an adventure and fall in love with life all over again

• They will learn to empower their own personal magnetism and positively affect everyone they meet

The Process

The process of Team Building and Empowerment with Revitalization of Body Mind Spirit balance will be done in the following way:

1. The Pilot Project

Charting the Course and Tilling the Mind Body and Spirit

3 Day Workshop

2. The First Workshop Following Pilot Project

Planting the Seeds of Power and Self Mastery
3 Day Workshop

3. The Second Workshop

Awakening the Master Within and Nurturing the Power Plant

3 Day Workshop

4. The Third Workshop

Becoming Self-Empowered by Harvesting Power from Within

3 Day Workshop